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M77 aka Norwegian Combat Boots


M77 aka Norwegian combat boots, are one of the best-known military boots in the world and are also our top 1 bestseller. They are so legendary that they are even mentioned on the Wiki page of Combat boots. So it is probably not a big surprise that the Norwegian media recently went through the story of a former soldier who tattooed the M77 boots on his hand.

The first version of the M77s was delivered more than 50 years ago to the Norwegian military and several NATO armies also trust the M77 today, including the Norwegian. It took ten years to develop the M77 boot, as the Norwegian army had harsh requirements for boot resistance, comfort, gravity and moisture resistance. In addition, it was essential that, at the same time, boots are easy to maintain. The result is no-nonsense comfortable, breathable and water-repellent boots made only of thick 2.8-3 mm full-grain leather, steel and polyurethane. The anatomical insole is shockproof, antibacterial, breathable and washable.

And most importantly, they are durable. Just keep the boots well-greased. As with full leather boots, it may take some time to wear them in, but if they are already worn in, they are as good as it gets. These boots are unisex and designed for both men and women. The sizes run large, intended to be worn with thermal or even double socks. Also, if you plan to wear them in freezing winters, we recommend our inner socks that are made precisely for M77. In conclusion, they are probably one of the best value-for-money boots in the world, but we understand they are not for everyone. So if you care about the brand, here are links to the online stores of Dr. Martens and Timberland. M77s will be shipped to you directly from the factory.

Upper: 2.8-3 mm full-grain water-repellent leather
Outsole: Direct-injected PU
Lining: light Cambrelle textile lining under the tongue
Insole: Anatomical, antibacterial and washable
Manufacturer Standards: NATO AQAP 2110, ISO 9001
Where It’s Made: Estonia, Europe
Shipping: 4-8 workdays