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Overboots are waterproof boots that are worn over your regular boots. They keep your feet warm, dry and clean no matter the weather. They can be worn in the forest during the winter or during the slush when you are going to an office or party. Our customers are also foresters and construction project managers who keep them in a car trunk as a break in case of emergency. In addition to the waterproof polyester cover, the boots also have a waterproof lock, and the stopper fastening inside the lower leg prevents the boots from rain or snow. Boots can be easily folded without fear of breaking the material. Smaller folded boots fit well, for example, in a backpack.
When choosing a size, please follow your own foot size. For example, if you wear hiking boots size 43, the Overtboots number 43-44 is suitable for them.

Top: waterproof polyester
Inner: warm polyester duplicated with artificial fur
Sole: Direct PU-sole
Closure: Waterproof lock and a stopper
Manufacturer certificates: NATO AQAP 2110, ISO 9001
Manufacturing country: Estonia