SKU: RKKORV-H (hall-kollane)

Felt Omakinga Basket – Grey/Cognac


A decor basket made of sturdy, shape-retaining felt. The leather details on the basket handles are made from production leftovers and are available in various colors.

The basket is 34 cm in height and 35 cm in diameter, with a capacity of approximately 30 liters.

All Omaking items are handmade in southern Estonia by a small family company that has made great products since 1927. They practice slow fashion by using natural, high-quality materials and creating versatile, long-lasting styles, ensuring that Omaking products serve you for years.

  • Dimensions: 34 x 35 cm
  • Approx. 30 liters
  • Manufacturer: Omaking
  • Designed and made in Estonia, Europe

Shipping within the EU: 4-8 workdays. Shipping within the Baltics and Finland: 2-5 workdays.