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SEIK’s stylish water bottle will help you get one step closer to your goal. With your personal water bottle, you save money and save the environment, because you don’t have to grab another plastic bottle in the store, but you can fill your bottle with clean tap water. Renewed and more durable bottle. A strong matte paint layer and scratch-resistant printing will ensure longer durability compared to the first-generation bottle.

With your personal water bottle, you can save money and the environment. You don’t have to grab another plastic bottle from the store. Take the thermos bottle with you to your next adventure! It keeps your coffee or tea hot for 6 hours and water cold for 12 hours. The thermos bottles are made of stainless steel and have a vacuum-insulated cap, which means you won’t find your computer and notebook soaked in the beverage from the water bottle. SEIK water bottles have a stylish design and are therefore cool accessories to fit in your handbag or on your desk. With our motivational slogan, you will be inspired and accomplish all your goals!

The outer surface of the flask is non-slip and the walls are made of double stainless steel, which keeps the drink hot for at least 6 hours and cold for 12 hours. Our water bottles do not give your drink a metallic taste!

Thermos bottles are with vacuum-insulated cap, which means you won’t find a computer or notebook soaking wet in the same bag as the flask.

Water bottles are packed in recycled tubes, that look elegant and protect the thermos bottle on the journey to you. Add a ribbon and special gift is ready to give!

The stylish design and colours of SEIK water bottles are an accessory on your desk or in your handbag.

  • 500ML
  • 12H Cold/6H Hot
  • BPA Free
  • Ecological
  • Leakproof
  • Designed in Estonia
  • Suitable for storage of hot and cold liquids, except carbonated drinks.
  • Wash the water bottle by hand, gently use a water bottle brush, water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. The smell and taste of strong-smelling tannins may stick to the thermos bottle.
  • Do not put the flask in the oven, freezer or microwave oven.

Shipping in the EU: 4-8 business days.
Shipping in Baltics and Finland: 2-5 business days.